Economics for Cultivation of Algae: Tubular


Unit Soil Surface for PBR Placing (m2)
Reactor Cleaning (times/yr)
Production Downtime Per Event (days)
Biomass Concentration in the PBR (kg DM/m3)
Dry Matter % of Algae after Centrifuge (kg DM/m3)
Water Recovery after Centrifuge
Concentration of N in PBR (g/m3)
Concentration of P in PBR (g/m3)
{{model.assumption.concentrationP |number:2}}
Input Variables

Operational Months
Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun
Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Algae Composition

{{model.output.electricity.harvestedBiomass|number:0 }}

Harvested Biomass (kg DM/yr)

€ {{|number:1 }}

Cost Price (€/kg DM)

€ {{model.output.economics.totalResults|number:0 }}

Total Results (€/yr)

Cost Price (€/kg): Total €{{|number:1}}/kg
Electricity Use
Efficiency of Resource Use
Capital Goods

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